About this website

hat causes someone to make a website about the Electronic Voice Phenomenon, such a controversial subject which is dismissed by rational thinking people (the "skeptics") with a shake of the head, and which is considered superfluous due to the poor results and the banal statements by others who imagine themselves more advanced in spiritual matters (the so-called "esoterics")? And moreover, aren't there more than enough websites about this subject meanwhile?

Well, in my opinion EVP is a subject that touches a lot of areas of human life. Not only that it's a fascinating phenomenon from a very technical-physical view – it also covers a very wide spectrum of different disciplines and human experiences such as consciousness research, perception research, psychology, parapsychology, system theory, theology, afterlife research. Thus dealing with EVP can broaden our horizon!

However, it would be wrong in my opinion to pin down the phenomenon to only one of the mentioned areas, e.g. by claiming that the received voices are solely illusions of the mind, or that they are solely voices of the deceased (the most popular thesis). Especially very vehement advocates of the afterlife hypothesis run the risk of laying too much of importance into the scientific provability of EVP (which I think is potentially possible but in fact is very unlikely), and this way are making themselves psychically dependent of the phenomenon – including all the negative consequences such as intolerance towards other possible explanations, or lack of spiritual orientation if the phenomenon should turn out to be only a slip of the brain or the like. Such an approach would be the exact opposite of "broadening the horizon"...

And, furthermore, alternative possibilities of explanation as well as the knowledge gained through the study of this phenomenon aren't less fascinating. For instance, since listening to EVP recordings supports free associating, EVP can be used to explore our own, subconscious contents of the mind. All you have to do is to base your experiments on the working hypothesis that EVP are utterances of your own subconscious (or, if you prefer this term, of your "soul" or your "higer self") rather than utterances of external spiritual beings. Another fascinating area are the extraordinary capabilities of the human mind such as telepathy which can can be proven by EVP quite impressively [Link German]. What's particularly nice about the whole thing is that no special "psychic skills" are required; everybody who's interested and who has the necessary patience will be able to perform these experiments with success.

The purpose of this website is to offer some introductory information. It intentionally doesn't cover the entire spectrum within this field (which would hardly be possible), but merely reflects the author's personal view, and furthermore wants to inspire the reader to own experiments which hopefully will not only be entertaining but also lead to a growth of knowledge.

One final note to the English section of this website: Since my mother tongue is German, and English is only a foreign language for me which I learnt at scool, it took me minutes to write some of these pages in German, but hours to translate them to English, in spite of the usage of two electronic dictionaries and some internet translation services – nevertheless, I surely will have made a lot of embarrassing translation miskakes... So if you find any or if a sentence doesn't really make sense, take it easy or inform me by e-mail.